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The Atomic Armadillos are an extracurricular group where we encourage our members to be responsible, punctual, thorough, and organized in all of the many projects we take on. The Atomic Armadillos is focused on getting our members engaged in learning how to work as a team, embrace the principals of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and complete established goals within their deadlines. This club is not only made up of the engineering students at AACAL (Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning), it also includes students from Automotive Technology, Health Science, Animal Science, and Graphic Design. While competition in FIRST Robotics (firstinspires.org) is our priority, we also do community outreach through The Boy Scouts, speaking at Middle and Elementary schools, Sponsoring a local FTC team and many other projects. We treat our positions as real world jobs and in return gain real world experience for later in life.

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